About Elena

Elena-FitenkoIn my practice as a wellness  consultant and stress reduction specialist I am helping people to transform their lives from any state of health they are into the state of optimal health and wellness by guiding them through the process using the best achievements of energy medicine, nutritional counseling and advanced stress reduction techniques.

My main  focus is on assisting  clients in their health journey using stress reduction modalities, nutrients deficiencies correction, detox, wellness education and consulting. My personal experience convinced me that such approach to personal health will restore the body’s vital energy and support its self-healing ability.

I acquired all necessary credentials, training and  experience to work as a wellness consultant: completion of 5 years of medical university education ( diploma in pharmacy), lifelong interests in natural and alternative medicine resulted in  completion of quantum biofeedback specialist,   stress reduction specialist and quantum naturopath coach trainings ( certified by Natural Therapies Certification Board  of North America).

My exploration of quantum medicine did not stop there so I continued my studies at IQUIM (International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine) in US which I graduated with degree of Doctor of Natural and Alternative Medicine. Currently I am  working on my PhD in Natural Medicine.

During my extensive studies  of  energy medicine at IQUIM I successfully  completed courses in Nutrition, Taoist medicine, Hematology, Homeopathy and Homotoxicology, Hormonology, Chakra Medicine, Quantum Biology,  Quantum Physics, and  many other disciplines  and courses in integrative medicine. All those courses were designed for quantum medicine practitioner and combine the best knowledge from the worlds of traditional  and alternative medicines.

I am  constantly upgrading and expanding my education and skills as quantum biofeedback specialists and as wellness consultant by attending special trainings and doing my own research to keep up with current advances in natural and quantum medicine.

In my practice I consistently get significant improvements with different types of  health issues; however, my main interests are in prevention,  stress reduction lifestyle changes, beauty and longevity. You don’t have  to be sick to benefit from my services. I could help you to stay healthy  and enjoy long years of productive and interesting life. Call me today to make it happen!