NRG Card

NRGH3_1325253689To find out how to get your personal NRG card as a gift contact me directly.

How do the cards store the  energy?

The Frequencies on the NRG Cards are held on the card via the magnetic strip on the back of the card.  Thousands of homeopathic resonant frequencies patterns could be pre-programmed into the card to help support and balance bio-energetic activity in the body. The Personalized NRG Card emits the imprinted frequencies such as homeopathic remedies, herbs, mineral’s, affirmations, and music.

How long do the NRG Cards last?

Once the frequencies are programmed onto the card, the frequencies will emit energy for the life of the card. As you’ve most likely experienced with your own credit cards, the magnetic strip on the back of the cards wear off, depending on how much you use it. Even though your Personalized Energy Card will not be processed through credit card devices, which wears down the magnetic strip, it’s important to be aware if your NRG Card’s magnetic strip is wearing down. So far, we have not recognized this to be an issue; however, we do recommend that you replace your card(s) every 2-4 years depending on wear and tear.  Many people put the cards in plastic protectors to eliminate wear and tear.

What happens if I forget about my Personalized NRG Card and it goes through a load of wash?

Of course we don’t recommend you wash your card, however, what we have found is that the cards magnetic strip will last through the wash up to two times. If you do wash your card, this would be considered extreme wear and tear, and we’d recommend you plan to replace your card within 1-2 years.

I wear magnets, magnetic jewellery, and sleep on magnetic mattress. Do magnets affect the NRG Cards?

Unfortunately yes! Magnets seem to be one of the main items that affect the NRG Cards and deplete the energy being emitted from the card. We don’t recommend you wear any magnets, nor place your card near magnets.

Once I have the card, where do I put it?

There are many options for using the cards. We’ve found that our clients love to have the cards on them at all times. Many will put the card in a pocket during the day. Men can put them in their wallet and women can have them in their purses. Some women love to wear them in their bras. It makes no difference where you have the card on your body, or if the magnetic strip is touching your skin. The cards emit energy 1.5 meters around the location of the card. Some of your cards, can go under your sheets or on your bed stand.

How many cards can I wear at one time?

You can wear as many cards as you like. Many of our clients buy multiple cards because they alternate which card they want to wear during the day, by muscle testing, or by which health goals they are currently working on.

Can I go through Airport Security?

Yes, you can absolutely go through Airport Security and the NRG Card will still be full of beneficial frequencies. Once again, the frequencies on the card are permanent unless you are around magnets, you  have owned it for years and the wear and tear is great, or you visit the practitioner you bought the card from, and they rewrite the information on  them.

Can I share my Personalized Energy Cards?

When you first get your Personalized Energy Card, we have you ENERGIZE your card with your own unique ‘energetic blueprint’ by imprinting the card with your thumbprint. This allows the card to interact with your exact energetic blueprint, and works at a very specific nano level of delivering you continuous frequencies. And if your body no longer needs any of those frequencies, your body will not take in any. There is a constant feedback loop between you and the card based on this initial thumbprint. So, we recommend you do not share your card.